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With over 15 years of experience in education designing, creating content, and facilitating training in higher education and corporate contexts. I bring my exploratory & creative vision to each learning experience design. I go beyond producing courses; I explore all options to customize a solution that fits your audience’s needs - keeping your business goals at the forefront.

Space is limited. Currently retaining clients three months in advance.


Facilitation, Content Creation, Curriculum Design & Course Development


The initial contract is always for 3 months – this way, we can monitor together that we achieve the desired results. After the initial contract period, we will reevaluate the scope of work and continue on a monthly basis, if needed until project completion.


Financial literacy, money mindset, entrepreneurship, soulful sales, energy management self-care practices, inclusive and equitable practices


On request – the total price depends on your business and needs.

What I Value

Respect. Value people’s identities, expectations, time, intelligence, and autonomy.

Creativity. There’s nothing new under the sun. Look for inspiration to connect the dots and generate ideas to solve problems.

Excellence. Do your best to get the desired outcomes knowing that the pursuit of mastery requires challenges and failures.

Openness. Seek to create a safe environment where everybody can share, speak and listen with respect.

I also value equitable practices, inclusivity, community, and collaboration.

Do you think I can add value to your work?

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My team and I focus on providing the highest quality to our clients at each phase of the development process. You will share the details of your project needs during our first free consultation to determine if we are a great fit for your goals and scope of work.

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During the call, I listen to you and learn more about your needs, goals, and objectives and share how we can possibly work together to achieve the designed outcomes.

Please share your name, best contact, the scope of work, budget, and suggested completion project date.