Many of the things I teach about money are wildly contrary to what the ‘experts’ say.

I aspire to teach as many women as possible how to rise above the no latte, coupon clipping mentality and welcome the purposeful, passionate, fulfilling life that you desire and deserve.

I’m Natasha M. Campbell, America’s Wealth Stylist®,  business mentor, digital course creator, and world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women.

Here’s My Story

Ambitious was my middle name (*well, not on my birth certificate*), I was determined to take over the world but struggling with doubt and uncertainty. I kept hearing do more, work harder, be a go-getter but deep down inside I felt there has to be more to life than just chasing that next certification, degree or position.

I was constantly striving to accomplish everything with perfection and failed to learn how to put my needs first. I didn’t have the mental space to take care of myself or my money.

I had been making decisions that led to me, over time to make some unhealthy decisions and found myself in denial about my financial truth. In the process of it all, I became a new mom to a premature daughter, had to release my apartment and was unable to work for several months–I felt depleted, defeated, and afraid. 

Learning & Growing


Through the journey, I’ve learned that I was looking for fulfillment in all the wrong places–in my resume, degrees, status, money, things, and to be honest the expectation of other people. 

In healing my areas of brokenness (the inner wealth), I discovered how to save over $16,000 (…well with my hubby *insert happy dance*), paid off all debt before purchasing our first home within one year by the age of 25, and maintained a high credit score over 700.

 While working to create a healthy relationship with money, I desired a service that would guide my inner journey from pain, fears, and shame to hope, self-esteem, and abundance, so I created one!

What I realized as I was building my creative empire– I was struggling to be seen, make an impact and most of all income. 


Gifts From God


I envisioned a life where I could live happier, financially healthier, and more fulfilled without compromising my values.

I know how it feels to prostitute your gifting by not charging what you’re worth. I know how it feels to be consumed in a trapped cycle of posting your heart out on social media (*I really thought posting only would equal more money and clients*).

Or sign up for EVERY freebie possible to help grow your business with the constant announcement of sales in desperation that someone (anyone) will say YES.

Faith In Action

After several years of being frustrated, exhausted, and confused about what to do next I realized that something different was required from me. I could no longer be afraid or skeptical to seek mentorship and support.
Believe me, I tried the free99 and low-cost method (*with numerous programs and courses*) but it left me overwhelmed, stressed, and even more frustrated then where I started plus no real results. With the right mindset, strategies, and accountability I finally figured out how to take my journal of ideas and implement and package them. 

As I began to work to help women transform their financial lifestyle I realized there were untapped gifts and potential that were just waiting to be released. Women who just needed the right steps and directions to celebrate their purpose.

With a desire to serve, I naturally launched in to support them through their entrepreneurship journey because I know how it feels to have the passion to create a profitable and purposeful business that matters. 


Servant Heart

I’ve spent my life learning and growing to help fabulous women just like you! The ripple effect of helping others has allowed me to be a featured media contributor to outlets such as Nasdaq, Huff Post, and USA Today just to name a few. 
With over 10 years of experience, I know that with my experiences past and present I can support you.
  • Masters in Executive Business Administration
  • Bachelors in Finance and Real Estate
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • Business Analyst
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

Impacting Lives

Today, I provide training, coaching, and workshops to women like you! I am truly grateful to have a business built from the heart it’s the only real way to create lasting transformation in yourself and the lives of others.

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